What People Over 50 Need To Know About Herpes

senior doctor in white coatBack in the good old days, people didnít talk much about STD, herpes, genital warts or those types of things. They were considered to be rather unpleasant topics, the sort of things one would only discuss with their doctor.

However, the fact remains that a huge number of seniors have herpes, and this reluctance to discuss the disease really isnít helping anyone. Because herpes stays in the body for life (according to most doctors) what many older folks are finding is that they are coming down with herpes outbreaks even though they never knew that they had it living inside of them. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. You see, if you have a strong immune system, then you may go years or even decades without a single outbreak, and then one day, out of the blue you have a bunch of itchy little herpes sores!

The following is a little bit gross, but it is important information that you need to know if you think that you or a loved one may have herpes. Of course the most important thing to do is to get in to see a doctor who will be able to provide you with a complete plan to treat your herpes if you do indeed suffer from this condition, but these tips may prove useful in the meantime.

Here’s how to tell if you have herpes:

Your skin itches and tingles… and you may even experience a painful burning sensation, usually for a couple of days – right before you see blisters on your skin.

Blisters form on your skin. These sores are usually painful, and are filled with fluid. When the skin breaks, the fluid leaks out, and a crust is formed. The sores usually heal within a week or so.

There are two types of herpes – oral herpes, or HSV-1, and genital herpes, or HSV-2. With the former, you usually see the sores on your lips or mouth. Sometimes, they may appear anywhere on the face or on your tongue. It is not uncommon to see these blisters someplace else on your skin though.

With genital herpes, you will see the blisters on the intimate parts of the body: anus, buttocks, vagina, or penis. Similar to oral herpes, these blisters can also materialize anywhere on the skin.

You may also experience the usual symptoms of influenza: fever, sore muscles, or inflamed lymph nodes/glands – usually on the neck (for oral herpes) or the groin (genital herpes).

In the case of genital herpes, you may find it difficult to urinate.

You may develop an eye-infection, medically referred to as herpes keratitis. When the virus affects the eyes, you tend to be very sensitive to light. It can be uncomfortable and it can be accompanied by a gritty sensation and discharge and is downright painful. Left untreated, scarring of the eye may occur, leading to cloudy vision, and sometime, loss of sight.

Don’t worry though, so long as you get in to see a doctor, chances are he’ll get you fixed up in no time flat and get you on a treatment plan to reduce your suffering.

Making The Most Out Of Your Retirement

fit older guy in pool

Active senior living is a subject that is not discussed very often, or at least not quite as often as it should be. The truth of the matter is that more than ever, people are living longer lives as compared to previous generations going all the way back to thousands of years ago. This can be attributed to the body’s intrinsic ability to adapt to its environment, and of course to advancements in research, technology and medicine as well which has allowed us to find new ways to heal the body’s illnesses as well as employ better ways of preventative care. With this in mind, let us take a closer look at how you can enjoy retirement and make the most of it.

First of all, what you want to do is to keep busy. Now is the time to go on that vacation you have always dreamed about when you were younger and could not afford it or perhaps you just did not have the time. But of course, you cannot go on a holiday forever. What you want to do now is to find meaningful ways to stay occupied even as you are retired from a regular job. This can mean engaging in a hobby such as gardening, coin collecting, or even taking over chores around the house. No matter what activity you choose to engage in, be sure that it also provides you with an opportunity to socialize with people.

Keeping occupied when you are at a more advanced age is absolutely crucial so that you stay physically active and mentally stimulated. This will keep you healthy all around and keep you from experiencing deterioration in any sense, for the time being at least.

Another way to ensure that you enjoy retirement is by creating a bucket list. If you’re physically, mentally and financially able, do your best to cross off items on that list throughout the months and years ahead.

It might also be a good idea to consider entering a senior living facility if you do not feel confident about your ability to care for yourself (if you live by yourself), or perhaps your family members cannot accommodate you. These days, there is no shortage of high quality senior living facilities that are actually more similar to holiday lodges or resorts. This is simply an option to consider.

Last but not least, consider getting a pet. Study after study has shown that interaction with an animal is extremely powerful in boosting a person’s spirits significantly.